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(Oct 3, 2013)

Have to send a shout out and thanks to the 12631 room and iBankCoin for the chat room, commentary, and blogs. As I learn from everyone I see the possibility that one day I could advance enough to become a full time trader, and if not that at least make some smart financial decisions un-swayed by news hype and politics that is so misleading. The commentary and chat room here is tight and professional. Very happy I discovered this place!

-User "pyromonoxide"
(Oct 3, 2013)

The 12631 is a chat room format of all types of traders from various backgrounds and experience levels. Full time traders, part timers, home gamers, veterans and new alike. This serves as a wealth of information, ideas, strategies, and perspectives. A place where trades, opinions and questions can be posted all within an exclusive atmosphere of support, camaraderie, and strict professionalism. Truly a great service. The proof is in the performance, as it has been in mine.

-User "ajackson"
(Oct 2, 2013)

I have been a subscriber to the 12631 service since day 1. Having access to The Pelican Room, chessNwine's Stock Market Recap, Weekly Strategy Session, and numerous blogs throughout the day is well worth the price of admission. All of these have all helped me in my investing and is like having a second set of qualified eyes on the market. Chess and Ragin put a lot of time and effort into delivering a quality service and it shows.

-User "BackAndFill"
(Oct 2, 2013)

I've been a part of 12631, a quality trading service run by Chessnwine and Ragin Cajun, for the last year and my brokerage account is quite happy from the ideas and trades generated from their service. These 2 guys concentrate on stocks and the market and foster a professional atmosphere in their room. I highly recommend 12631.

-User "Honu"
(Oct 2, 2013)

With the help of ChessNwine & Ragin Cagjun I've learned more about portfolio management skills and technical analysis, when to get in and out of a trade. You got a question about investing and they will be there to answer it. These guys have answered them without making me feel like a idiot. I feel like I'm with a great group of people who are also top notch traders. So give the 12631 a try, and I bet someone will be reading your testimony.

-User "TaoOfPatrick"
(Oct 2, 2013)

No one has a better grip on market ebb and flow than chessNwine. His technical analysis keeps me in front of the markets in a way that helps my investing decisions stay profitable. They call it IBankCoin for a reason.

-User "Dominator"
(Oct 1, 2013)

A great room for stock pickers. Serious thought and no trash talk.

-User "drveen"
(June 29, 2013)

I recently spent 15 months as a member of the 12631 trading service.To get straight to the point, I found the experience invaluable. In the beginning I followed the trades of Ragincajun and ChessnWine as that seemed to be the whole idea. I eventually realised that this was a useful aspect of the membership but that there was far more to gain.

I left 12361 because, following months of exposure to the teachings of ChessnWine, I figured out my timeframe, my methodology and my strategy. I stopped following the trades of Chess and RC because I no longer needed them & I figured out how I could make money in the markets. All of a sudden all of the books I had read about the markets made sense. I can see why so many traders do not make it. I know that given adequate time and capitalisation I will become rich - this is a certainty.

-User "Jkav"
(Jan 17, 2013)

I have made more money in my months using the 12631 than I have in years of investing with other subscriptions, books, and twitter. The setup is unique: complete access to two pros and their real time portfolios, and a forum of full time worldwide traders putting out their thoughts and ideas every day. Their real time forum thoughts are complemented by intraday blogs and end of day commentaries which summarize both their trading and the markets in general. It is easy to follow along with their trades in real time through email notifications while watching and learning through the forum.

I have never had this kind of success investing and have never spontaneously written a testimonial before. Furthermore the 12631 paid for itself after a few trades. My whole family thanks you as I am feeling more confident than ever now about funding university for the kids and my retirement.

To ChessNWine and RaginCagun and all the forum members who put it out there every day (and I might add, at night and on weekends, too) I wish to say a heartfelt thank you. I wish I had joined sooner.

-User "webby"
(Dec 28, 2012)

I can't speak highly enough about the 12631 investing site. The technology & features powering the "Pelican" Trading room are superb. But the main edge in subscribing is the wisdom of the two guides: ChessNWine and Rajin Cajun. They provide real-time trades with stops and profit taking levels. The subscriber can watch or follow both short and longer term swing trades as they unfold. Our guides comment and respond to questions throughout the trading day. Chess tirelessly posts numerous helpful intradays posts and charts to guide subscribers. Truly the only service that I would recommend. Superb work guys!

-User "Clemer"
(May 8, 2012)

I would like to do a non testimonial...testimonial. I think I have been here about a month. Before that I joined the PPT for about a month but it wasnt working for me in helping me find good setups. The PPT is helping me now using it in conjunction with 12631. One of my issues has alway been finding good charts. Here at 12631, there are almost too many good charts provided by yourself and others. With limited resources, it sometimes hard to decide. Your market direction guidance has also been great. It got me down to a higher cash level and actually made good money this morning selling my $GOOG and $ULTA shorts. All in all, my portfolio is up 8% since joining 12631. My biggest issue in the past is not taking profits when I have them. Inside 12631 I have been taking them and booking them. Thanks for all your work. Its a great group.

-User "randomness"
(May 7, 2012)

First off, I have been a member of the PPT for well over a year now and still learn something new everyday from a variety of traders within the PPT and 12361. This review is specifically for the brainchild of chessNwine & RaginCajun’s service known as 12361. It is a complementary service to the PPT that consists of roughly 300 traders communicating within a state of the art chat room that records, archives and allows for private and public communication. Traders frequent the room at all times (not just during market hours) providing ideas, setups and pertinent market news. On top of that, Chess & RC are always answering questions and are accessible 24/7 (pretty unreal). These are two outstanding individuals who are always scanning, sorting and offering the members new trading ideas each and every night. They are extremely honest and all trades are recorded in real time for members to analyze and follow if they choose. On top of that, the track record of both Chess & RC is extremely impressive and one or two trades will pay for several years of the service if managed properly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new trader or an experienced trader. 12361 offers traders a great opportunity to discuss and identify the next winning stocks on the long & short side and on top of that, the group genuinely cares for one another. There is no chest pounding in here and you will find that most if not all the noise on Twitter is absent within the room. 12361 is a must have for any trader, and I promise you will end up better off from signing up as member. Don’t forget to send me a thank you letter when you start banking coin consistently.

(April 24, 2012)

I joined 12631 3 months ago. Two days ago chessNwine answered a query for me on a stock which saved me from losing more than twice the subs I've paid to date. This is one of many examples of Chess and RaginCajun providing 12631 members with the benefit of their insight and experience whenever it is sought. And this is in addition to the general 12631 service: excellent realtime stock picks, stock setups of interest for review and continuous market analysis. Finally, I would like to add that the community inside 12631 is the finest I have come across. In short, a subscription to 12631 pays for itself many times over and the lessons you will learn will remain with you throughout your trading career.

(April 24, 2012)

The 12631 trading room is more than a service that spits out trades with entry and exit spots from ideas generated by some "genius". We have our own group of sharp minds - a community - sharing ideas and lending support and criticism. ChessNWine and RaginCajun are always available to provide suggestions, feedback and guidance, in real time and with transparent results. Their styles are different but equally effective, leading to a greater variety of trading options. In addition, a tight group of traders from all levels of experience bounces ideas off one another all hours of the day and all days of the week. If you want to not only bank coin, but also learn and become a better, more focused trader, look nowhere else but 12631.

-Patrick D.
(April 23, 2012)

I wanted to write to you as a subscriber but also as a veteran of the markets for the past 16 years. I happen to manage large sums of money for private clients in Canada but I can honestly say that your daily emails and posts throughout the day are a must read or watch for me. I get a great view of what is happening with the markets and individual stocks that I don't have the time to watch since I am focused mostly on my own research and stock ideas. I wanted to thank you and RC for the best stock trading room out there for individual investors that I have come across in my years of trading. Great risk management and ideas is what you guys are all about!

(October 29, 2011)

Hi chessNwine,

Thought you might enjoy a member’s success: Had an excellent week! Yesterday had a $2800 gain in this account and another 1k in other accounts when the S&P was flat. The day before I was up 4K, (selling half of SLV and FXI). Had a great hit with DANG (via RaginCajun) and picked up AMZN (I like both long term). Eventually, I plan on having about 25% of my portfolio with slow mover, dividend stocks like MCD, KO and VZ. But the bulk of trading will be to swing with you and occasionally with RaginCajun.

-Bill Trader
(July 11, 2011)

Having been a member of the 12631 family from the beginning, I can tell you that I have been consistently on the right side of the market. Combined with the PPT I find that the advice on this site is the best I have ever gotten on any internet site. I have learned the value of money management. There is no greater value in my opinion. Thanks to everyone at PPT and especially 12631 for your help.

(July 10, 2011)

For those that are inclined to manage their own money but are strapped for time, 12631 offers high quality trading information for swing, position, and day trading, both real-time and after hours.

As someone that has a high-intensity full-time job, I've found the PPT and 12631 to be indispensable in furthering my trading and investing success. Even when I can't follow the markets closely during the work day, the service provided by 12631 enables me to assess market action and most importantly, identify high quality trading setups. You will not find two more astute traders than RaginCajun and ChessNwine, each of which have their own style and focus. As a part-timer, I've read many books on trading but to see the practical application of many of the trading principles I've read about, is of immeasurable value. The concepts of position sizing and risk management are taken seriously within 12631 and regularly discussed.

I've had ups and downs trading but 12631 and the PPT have provided a more stable and deterministic framework from which I can make decisions. The added bonus is that the folks that run 12631 are incredibly professional and are genuinely interested in our success as traders/investors. They are not afraid to professionally tell us when we are going off the rails, or when people are making good decisions - the value of which cannot be underestimated.

For those looking for high probability trade setups, 12631, and the PPT, provide all the tools you need to be successful. We have created a positive and enjoyable atmosphere within 12631 and the PPT community, without the usual trader egos. For those looking to apply theory to practice, the PPT and 12631 are hog heaven. For those on a budget, fear not, the cost of subscription pays for itself quickly. We are real people, banking real coin.

(July 9, 2011)

I highly recommend 12631 for the trading ideas, help, and camaraderie. chessNwine and RaginCajun have developed a first-rate trading community!

(July 8, 2011)

With 12631 and the PPT, The Fly, chessNwine, and Ragin' Cajun have produced the finest set of trading tools, teaching, and advisory service for the general public that I have ever used. I have traded for over 20 years, and have subscribed to many services during that period. None have provided the value and effectiveness of the PPT/12631. Whether it's finding new trading ideas, or getting an objective market perspective, “chess and RC” work overtime to keep the service focused on being on the right side of the market with profitable trade ideas and strategies.

Inside 12631's “Pelican Stadium” there is a large community of active traders who are always ready to help out with questions and share ideas. Watching the traders work in real time gives me the opportunity to see what's working in the market now, not hours or days later. Furthermore, there is never any “papering over” of losing trades. Profits and loses are posted as close to real time as possible, with relative position sizes and stop loses posted with the trade.

One of the most important aspects of 12631, is the way it helps keep me “on track” if I get busy or have family responsibilities that take me away from my trading. A quick review of the trading notes, and a couple of questions to the room, get me back in sync with the market. Chess and RC are always helpful with answers to questions about trading tactics, specific trades, overall market conditions, risk management, or even difficult questions about trading discipline.

Overall, 12631 is the best and most effective trading tool in my arsenal.

(July 10, 2011)

I have been a member of 12631 since it started 8 months ago. I have never felt more confident about my investments. If you want to increase your profits and protect your assets join 12631.

During the last market downturn I was 90% cash. I was able to avoid losses and with the help of RC and Chess I was able to pick winning stocks with the rebound.

RC and Chess are experienced and talented traders. They continually pick winning trades. They also are excellent teachers who are willing to respond quickly to members questions.

Chess teaches the importance of asset management with an emphasis on protecting capital. He also follows and interprets market trends. All of Chess' stock picks are recorded with entry price and stop pricing. I receive an e-mail alert to all trades and sells. Chess has been so good at asset management and picking stocks that I follow almost all of his selections and I pay attention when he shows caution.

I will never return to a "buy and hold" strategy. I have learned the importance of watching market trends and making adjustments to changing trends. It is a good feeling to have the backing of 12631 during the swings of the market. I feel confident that I can increase my profits despite market conditions. Thank you 12631.

-Bill Trader

(July 10, 2011) I have been a member of the 12361 service for the last three months. I look forward to the advice of Ragin Cajun and chessNwine who are savvy investors. The Pelican room is full of outstanding traders with trading ideas and great strategy on how to invest. I look forward daily to the site as it helps me tremendously in determining if to trade, how much to trade and suggested stocks to invest in. The service combined with the PPT and ibankcoin is an encompassing investment service which is simply outstanding and made me a far better investor than I was previously. Many thanks to RC, Chess, and Fly. I strongly suggest to anyone looking for investment advice to try out the service. Worth every penny I paid and I made up the investment in one trade suggested within the 12361.


Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my subscription to the PPT and to 12631. My accounts have never been healthier. Today is a good example, even when the Dow was down 280 points my accounts were green! I was lucky to have TAN, SOLR and RBCN. (All picked on 12631.) Chess has been advising safety for the last several weeks and I have followed his suggestion. At present I am 100 cash. My membership is the best purchase I will make all year!

-Bill Trader

12631 has helped me to have the biggest gains ever. This month alone I am up 6% on my trading account and that is with a very conservative approach with an average of 25% cash. I was up 18k on a 300k account in 1 month. I will be a member for as long as 12631 is available. If you want to increase your gains and protect your assets join 12631.


What an incredible job you and RC have done creating the super 12631 program. You and RC are the hardest working people I have ever known and the amount of value you have been creating each and everyday for this community is just astonishing. Because of the great teaching and guidance from you and RC, the fast growing community itself is so amazing it felt like a big caring fun extended family.


As a retired college professor with a Ph.D., I’m amazed at the parallel between the Ph.D. program and 12631. Just as the former changes the way the student views his subject matter, so does 12631. In the past, when I’ve tried to understand trading, I always amassed information, without knowing how to apply it correctly to the process of trading stocks. In the two months since I’ve been a part of 12631, I’m finally beginning to understand how to use the tools of the PPT in conjunction with technical analysis to become a better trader. As a result, not only has my learning increased dramatically, but I’m starting to make money. What can be better!


After 30 years of studying these markets, and since becoming a distinguished member of PPT and 12631 you guys have taught me more in a week than I could have ever imagined! Thanks for sharing. GOD Bless you all.


The work ethic, time and patience devoted to this project is extraordinary and much appreciated. I'm having much fun and making money too. I put in $348,565 into PPT/12631's ideas and made profits of $217,380.

-Fig 8

Thanks a million Chess! These videos are very helpful.


Awesome. I just booked the profit to pay for my yearly membership. Thanks and great job.


Indeud, lots of green in my port today! I gotta say I feel more confident in my trading already thanks to 12631, the videos, the setups and getting feedback from you guys!


I've cut my noise way down thanks to 12631, focusing on the set ups here and attempting to execute with precision. The spy is about even since, but i'm up.


Safe to say, a yearly sub to 12631 pays for itself in ONE day.


Chess, the more I look at your charts, the better I am at reading them. Thanks much, yet again.


12631 is amazing. I made back my entire year subscription in 1 trade. Not to mention the environment is supportive and dynamic. Enough said.


The two things I've learned in 12631 are patience and discipline. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've sold and watched the stock go up...Thanks Chess.


I've subscribed to many different services over the years and I’ve dropped all of them after a month or two (except for your friend Jim Cramer's Real Money, which I've been a member of since pretty much the beginning in the mid-90's). Well, I have to say 12631 is easily the best I've ever tried. A winner.


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